Useful Information for the Repair and Care of the Septic System


It is important that domestic housing should be installed with a septic system that works efficiently. Most of the hygiene problems in domestic setups are caused by failure in the drainage systems. Blockage of the septic system is normally the result of accumulated solids and other forms of dirt. You, therefore, need to ensure that any problem in the septic system is discovered and dealt with immediately. It is very expensive to replace components of the system once they get damaged. Here are useful tips to help you maintain the system in top working condition. Learn more about septic repair,  go here.

Do Not Use Strong Chemicals
Harsh chemicals such as bleaches and other cleaning detergents normally end up in the septic system. These chemicals normally destroy the bacteria that are necessary for the decomposition of organic matter in the septic system. Failure of or slow decomposition causes inefficiency in the system. It’s therefore necessary that you avoid using these harsh chemicals that will eventually accumulate in the system. Find out for further details on black mold in attic removal  right here.

Do Not Dispose of Solids in the Drain
Allowing solid waste such as food remains to drain into the septic system can result in the clogging. The kitchen is usually the major source of solids that end up in the septic system. You can only be guaranteed of a working septic system only if you can get rid of solid waste by installing proper filtration devices along the system at certain fixed points.

Have a Separate Rainwater Drainage System
When there lacks a proper system for conveying away excess rainwater, such water can easily end up getting into the septic system. This rainwater normally contains many solid particles such as soil particles, rocks and plant roots whose accumulation may lead to the clogging of the system. You therefore need to have two systems in place: one for the rainwater drainage and the other for septic water. When constructing the septic system, care should be taken to ensure that rainwater is not allowed in.

Drain the Septic Tank Regularly
The septic tank usually holds the wastewater for some time before it is drained away by pumping. As much as there are filters along the system, there are always tiny solid particles that will find their way into the tank. These will settle in the tank and eventually reduce the space if it’s not gotten rid of. To prevent this from occurring, thank tank should be drained on a regular basis.

Hire a Qualified Personnel to Fix the System
An out of order septic system should only be worked on by a professional. Installation of the components of the system is a complex process that requires skill. It would be very disastrous to hire someone experienced enough to repair the system in case it fails.


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